Coaching and Mentoring in Performance Management

by Norman Meyer and Hilarie Gaylin

What are the differences between coaching and mentoring? How do each of these relate to staff performance management?  To explore these questions, I invited a special guest, Hilarie Gaylin, to join me on this blog post. Years ago, I hired Hilarie to run the training function at the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia. Now she runs her own business, Cultivating Greatness, through which she performs executive coaching, training, facilitation, and organizational development services. What follows is in the form of a conversation between Hilarie and me. I learned a lot from Hilarie and hope you will, too.

Norman, I’m so excited to be thinking aloud with you about the intersections among coaching, mentoring, and performance management.  It was under your aegis that I formally began learning about and working on performance management policies, processes, and associated training, as we shifted our court to a new performance management system. 

Now as a professional executive coach, I regularly help managers strengthen their skills through coaching and training.  The latest research and thinking consistently make a strong case for the positive impact of coaching and mentoring on the performance management process, so I’m delighted to be having this conversation with you.  

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