Professional Coaching

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A certified coach (CPCC, ACC), I am passionate about helping you live a more intentional and purposeful life, one that allows you to lead from who you are and honor your strongest values.

I keep your confidences and your privacy.

    • Are you struggling with a decision?
    • Are you at a crossroads?
    • What keeps you up at night?
    • What gets in your way?
    • Where are you stuck?
    • What are your goals and dreams?

I listen, and I partner with you to figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Find and follow the path that’s right for your heart.

Purpose.  Direction.  Confidence.  Empowerment.  Clarity.  Inspiration.  Change.

Come move forward with me into discovery and possibility!


  • How:  Usually by phone.  It works really well.
  • When: Day and evening hours available.
  • First 45-minute session is free to see if you like coaching and if you think we are a good fit.

Clients usually choose to schedule one or two sessions per month and are encouraged within each session to create ways to advance their learning between sessions.

From client RJ: “My coaching experience with Hilarie has been fantastic and couldn’t have come at a better time. I was skeptical about how much I could benefit from this coaching experience, but with Hilarie’s help, I was able to appreciate my strengths and talents as well as to identify areas that needed change and growth. Hilarie provided practical tools and the guidance I needed. She was patient and supportive every step of the way and helped me tackle challenges and form new and effective means of making positive changes and achieving success. My only regret is that I didn’t find Hilarie sooner!”

 I am here to help!  Call or email me for more information.